Tölgy svédpadlók, teraszburkolatok gyártása és forgalmazása.

Cleaning and caring the wooden floor

The wooden floor is always cleaned (oiled and varnished surface) after dusting with a thoroughly wrung-out cloth.
Care products recommended by the manufacturer or the contractor, with which the floor retains its original brilliance, increases its lifespan if it’s applied as prescribed. The care product we recommend is made without fragrances and solvents, using this product ensure you about the optimal cleaning and evolving the renewable protective layer.
Important, after the surface treatment do not wash the floor for 1 week, and do not cover the floor for 3-4 weeks.
If any dirt or reagent gets on the floor remove it as soon as possible.
As the floor is coated, subservient to glue appropriate size felt to protect the coating from scratches.
To ensure the long lifetime of the wooden floor covering and the right temperature for good cleanability (18-20 C) and relative humidity (45-55%) is needed.These values correspond to a healthy climate.
In the winter months with the start of the heating season the relativ humidity of the air decreases. Using a humidor in the room, with regular ventilation without overheating can be prevent the floor from spliting, swelling and drying out.
Compliance to the above your floor can serve your convenience through several generation.

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