Tölgy svédpadlók, teraszburkolatok gyártása és forgalmazása.


Our company mainly focuses on the production and implementation of solid and engineered oak flooring.
Our products are made exclusively from domestic, natural wood, in various qualities, and different
widths, like even the 28 cm, which is considered unique in the market.
The hard wood floor has an extremely high wear resistance, it’s whole cross-section is made out one material. The floor on all it’s four sides has a of tongue and groove design, therefore the floorboards
can be easily fit next to each other, and on the length endings after each other. Our solid oak flooring are usually 20 mm thick and have bevel on the longitudinal direction.
If the order of layers doesn’t make it possible to lay hard wood floor, in the words there is not enough space for it, or maybe we would like to have floor heating, in this case we would suggest our engineered hard wood floors.
The engineered hard wood floor consists of two parts:
One the layer is the core, which is a multilayer birch plywood.
The second layer is the solid wood veneer, which is glued and pressed into the core.
The core and the adhesive is restating to water and cooking, therefore this type of hardwood floor is suitable for both floor heating and bathroom usage (for floorheating we recommend a maximum width of 180mm!)
In addition, we have a full range of wood paneling , from the lamparquet till the inlay parquet.
The fast and flexible service is helped by the huge stock, which is located in the same place as the Ráckeve showroom where you can not only see and check out our samples but also the finished products.
Because our company also does the implantation of the floors, from the production till the surface treatments will happen all in one hand. Therefore even after many years you will enjoy and be delighted in our product.
Of course we give a full guarantee for the job done by our company, it’s definitely important that you read carefully the important information any guarantee.
For the lovers of the darker tones might like to consider our smoked and thermally treated treated products.
On request we produce solid and engineered (4mm veneer) hard wood floor from different kinds of tropical wood and other types.
In this case the deliver time is 3-4 weeks from after the order has been made.