Tölgy svédpadlók, teraszburkolatok gyártása és forgalmazása.

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General and warranty conditions

General warranty conditions for the solid and engineered oak floor that has the Woodland Kft., manufactured.
Oak floors made by our own company meet the required quality requirements, and they differ only due to the structure of the used wood .As the structural properties of the raw materials are different(no two trees are the same) therefore the woods defects, shades,structure and design cannot be characterized with unique definition.The natural(live) floor elements will never show a commonality like e.g.the plastic.That's why the resulting objections and remarks are not the subject to complaint.
The Woodland Hungary Kft. takes guarantee on every solid and engineered floor in case of factory surface treatment for 5 years from laying (in the case of normal residential use) and for 20 years for the structure if no more than 1 year passed between purchase and laying.

Laying the oak floor and the conditions of laying

  • In the underlaid there is no bigger than 2 mm/fm level difference, and the underlaid and the walls humidity is not bigger than 2% CM.
  • An expansion gap sized for the room is left next to the walls and other building structures.
  • Only for normal living space, exposed to average load and other physical exertion it is used in a room with temperature 20-22 C and a relative humidity of 45-55%.

Laying the floor and laying conditions

  • There is no level difference of more than 2mm/fm in the underlaid and the underlaid and walls humidity is not bigger than 1,5%CM.
  • They leave a dimensioned expansion gap for the room next to the walls and other building structures.

Transport, storage until use

  • The product is transported by closed(protective against weather effects)means of transport.
  • The temperature of the storage room and the air humidity before use demonstrably allows 8-10% equilibrium wood moisture(in case of 20-22 C 45-55% rational humidity)
If the storage before laying takes place beyond 1 year,so time of guarantee decreases by 1 year with each year started with storage.

During the use cleaning and maintenance of floors

  • Cleaning is done with a slightly(well twisted) damp cloth.
  • Avoid the use of chemicals and organic solvents.Care products recommended by the Woodland Kft.or equivalent to them which have previously been tested in a small area.
  • Under the legs of furniture use protective felt, wheelchairs,furniture castors use protective pads.Do not subject the surface to concentrated point-like strong loads,use a doormat in front of the door to keep the abrasive contamination.

Reasons for loss of full warranty

  • Unprofessional workmanship
  • Due to a water spill, wet washing, burst pipe, flooding to the floor or to the building structure surrounding the floor.
  • Moisture effect from building structure.
  • Use of aggressive cleaning agents,extreme mechanical stress.
  • Shrinkage due to the extremely dry climate.
  • Swelling due to extremely high humidity.

Other conditions

If the installation is not done by our colleagues, and you detect a suspected problem please indicate this before the installation.
Replace any defective pieces that may have been installed and we are not in a position to make a warranty repair.
It is also important, always make sure that there is adequate waterproofing at the walls,doors and windows.
After unpacking please check the floor and install those that are appropriate.
If you are not satisfied with the product,and they don't match your order or presumably their laying is not possible we will remove them free of charge.
We don't guarantee any or hidden defects in the floor laid without pre-selection.The warranty does not cover high hill shoes,strong furnitures and facilities,wheelchairs, injuries caused by pets,or damage caused by bumps or scratches or sharp or pointed objects.
The surface coating is a protective layer for the walking layer.This coating wears out depending on the intensity of use.
The wear of the surface coating or problems arising from lack of periodically required care are not a warranty case.We can not be held liable for any damages which are especially warm,high humidity,dry climate or caused by rapid change in these factors and discoloration due to sunshine or natural aging of the wood(color difference formed on covered surface).In the case of any of our floors, parquet does not meet the typical requirements we reserve the right to investigate the complaint if justified, correct the fault with our own material at our expenses, other related expenses we do not incur cost due to non-commissioning .
Our warranty covers the lifetime of our product which is continuously owned by the original end user.

Required to submit a warranty claim

  • The invoice received at the time of purchase
  • In the case of laid floor,construction log about laying implementation
  • Photographs of the mistake,mistakes
  • Brief description of the mistake,the process of its formation