Tölgy svédpadlók, teraszburkolatok gyártása és forgalmazása.

Magyarország Kormányának a 40/2020, (III.11.) kormányrendelettel, a koronavírussal -COVID 19- kapcsolatban kihirdetett veszélyhelyzet miatt, a magyar állampolgárok egészségének és életének megóvása érdekében 2020.03.16. napjától bemutatótermünkben csak korlátozott számú érdeklődőket tudunk fogadni azonos időben, ezért kérjük látogatási szándékukat minden esetben előre jelezni szíveskedjenek.

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Guarantee and important information

The floor made by our company meets the required quality requirements. Please keep in mind that the wood is a natural material. Therefore structures and shades cannot be documented obviously because each piece is different.This will make the floor unique, and can not be mixed up with any pastiche.
That's why consequent comments, excuses are not subject to complaint!
Of course the sizes, the humidity and the usage are not different. If the installation is not done by our colleagues, and you are detecting a suspected problem please indicate before laying the floor.
Defective pieces that may have been installed we can not exchange and rebuild under warranty repairs!
Important, make sure you have waterproofing at the walls, doors and windows because the problems caused by moisture leakage, we do not incur any costs!
Important Information:
Do not start laying the floor if the relative humidity exceeds 55%,or the temperature does not reach 18 degrees!
In the case of oily rags and sanding dust SELF-IGNITION may occur, therefore in all cases the rags should be spread out until they dry, if possible dispose the dust in an airtight bag!
At the beginning and end of floor laying and for built-in fixed elements always leave a 10-15 mm gap!
Never "soak" your floor, always clean it with a well-wrung cloth!